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Dreams of a new Building …

The Myrtle Beach Community is making a difference to the Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand in support of the Club’s dream to build a new home. The new facility to be built on land donated by Burroughs & Chapin in the Booker T. Washington Neighborhood will make it possible for both the Teen Program and the Youth Center to operate in a centralized location and to provide services that promote education, character, leadership development, recreation and healthy lifestyles. In support of STEM Activities, the new facility will proudly boast the Carolina Radiology STEM Lab.


NBA Player and Myrtle Beach High School Alumnus, Ramon Sessions, is partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand. Together, they will be launching their capital campaign to raise funds for the construction of a new building complete with educational space, media center, technology lab and a gymnasium with a full basketball court. Ramon Sessions will not only be a lead contributor, but plans to be involved in the entire process and with the youth and teens the center will serve. A new building will enable the Club to serve more youth and teens in the Grand Strand, as well as provide them with more opportunities to reach their full potential.


Other gracious contributors include Brittain Resort Management & Family, The Chapin Foundation, Carolina Radiology & Associates, The Joe Moglia Family Foundation, Sharon & Michael Clayton, The Gunter Family and Anonymous Donors.  The Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand is blessed to have a community which stands behind its programs throughout its 20 years of existence!


What it means to our Partners…


“Burroughs & Chapin recognizes the importance of helping the Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand in its mission to have a long lasting, positive impact on the quality of life of youth in our community,” said Jim Apple, president and chief executive officer of Burroughs & Chapin. “This gift represents a continuation of B&C’s long and unique history of philanthropic giving to the Grand Strand area. We believe in the value of the proposed new facility and are pleased to be able to make a major contribution to the fulfillment of that vision.”


“I grew up in the Racepath Community—and it may be small to most but it was big in my eyes. There were many people in Racepath who helped me get where I am today.” Ramon Sessions said while reminiscing about days past, “As a kid, I played outside on the streets every day, and that was the norm. Cars would pass by blowing their horns, but we didn’t pay them any mind and just kept on playing. As an adult, and upon my many returns, I started having visions of opening a youth center so that the next generation could have a better place to go than the streets. So, partnering up with an organization like the Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand is a perfect fit.”   Ramon Sessions


Dr. Richard Wunder, Myrtle Beach Division President – Carolina Radiology Associates stated, “Carolina Radiology Associates is proud to partner with The Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand in their mission to inspire and enable all young people to realize their potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. We hope that with the construction of this new facility, the youth of the Grand Strand will feel the support their community has for them and will flourish and grow in their new home.”